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One Sky

Gagnant Festival Fulldome de Brno 2022 :      Best 2D Fulldome Show


One Sky is a collection of beautiful short films about constellations, astronomical instruments and scientific knowledge from various cultures around the world. Each chapter is presented in an original and engaging way with its own artistic style featuring the work of international artists. Each film stands alone as a short story or in combination as a longer narrative.

The One Sky Project recognizes our world’s many cultures and communities with strong connections to the stars. Traditional knowledge and practice continue to inform the active exploration of our universe today and we honor those societies and Indigenous explorers who came first.  Our project seeks to build relationships within and between all people who share our One Sky.

Everyone sees something a little bit different but we all share One Sky.

Compositeurs : Martin Roy, Jean-Sébastien Cyr, Delbert Anderson,Larry Kimura, Carmelito Arkangel, Franck ka’iu Damas

Réalisation : Sébastien Gauthier , Mourad Bncr, François Guinaudeau, Isabelle Pruneau-Brunet, Sébastien Samyn.
Montage : Marelène Poulin
Producteur :One Sky

Démarche artistique, musique

C’est un magnifique projet internationale réunissant des cultures diverses dans le respect des traditions.

Les collaborateurs

Musiciens: Camille Paquette-Roy, Jean-Sébastien Cyr, Martin Roy, Dhi Harmony, Benoit Rocheleau , Dominique Despins, Delbert Anderson,Larry Kimura, Carmelito Arkangel, Franck ka’iu Damas

Dominique Despins, Martin Roy : mixage musique
Studios : Chapman