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Me, Micheal and I



Michael Jackson inspired his share of impersonators, but few can hold a candle to Freddy Duffour, a.k.a. the Truthwalker, a 25-year-old from Quebec who is dedicating his life and body to emulate his hero. Undergoing numerous surgical procedures, from dental reconstruction to nose jobs, Dufour feels it’s just part of his duty to embody the pop star’s physique fully as he attempts to get investors to stage a Las Vegas–level tribute show, complete with backup dancers. One of those dancers is his incredibly supportive girlfriend Danny, who, along with Dufour’s parents, has supported him for years. Obsession can drive us to great things but it can also blur our dreams and reality and the limits to which we’ll pursue our ambitions. Me, Michael & I follows Dufour ’s journey without judgement, allowing us to witness how far we can take our pursuit of perfection and the perils of a culture that valorizes its idols at any cost.

Compositeurs : Martin Roy, Luc Sicard

Réalisation : Nicolas Tremblay et Régis Coussot

Producteurs : Avanti-Toast

Démarche artistique, musique

Luc Sicard : guitares et basse
Martin Roy : Bass – Contrebasse
Luc Sicard et Martin Roy : mixage musique
Studios : Chapman, Mégilien